The First Whoppercoin!


The Governor of Mesa is the First Person in the Entire World to have bought Whoppercoin!

Below is a screen shot of the first trade on the Waves Platform blockchain for the Whoppercoin - And the Governor of Mesa made the trade!

The image below shows that I bought 1 Whoppercoin on August 22, 2017 for 0.00000010 BTC, or at this day's price of 0.0004.

Why not send me some Waves (3PHvby1gkjbVUTYty8bqGRuYMphDBE7ZPd1) or BTC (1DSh6pKgAZhhgDeu5yVxVKvkgVUBLM1rej) to congratulate me for being the first person in the world to buy Whoppercoin! That would be very much appreciated!

To those that do, if you're ever in Mesa, I'll buy you a Whopper!